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I was recommended to you guys by a colleague and I am pleased with your service. Thank you for matching Jieting to my daughter. She finds the Chinese lessons interesting and the improvements have been encouraging.
Mdm Tay
Daughter in St Hilda’s Primary School
The process was fuss-free and I was provided the biodata of 3 tutors for comparison after filling up the request form. You guys were also accommodating to my questions raised on the tutors’ credentials. Appreciate the effort and follow up even though I didn’t proceed with the tutors in the end.
Mdm Yong
Child in Nanyang Primary
Jocelyn from TutorBee was very thorough when handling my requirements and prompt in following up. I needed an MOE teacher for my child and I was recommended one the next day. Still trying the tutor out but it has been so far so good.
Jacintha Liew
Son in Bukit View Secondary School
My daughter was taught by Jessica Lee for her P5 Math and is sitting for her PSLE this year (2017). The prelim results have been encouraging and I would like to take this time to commend her on her effort, especially in this final stretch leading up to the exams. She has been coming down twice to thrice a week, printed exam papers and additional worksheets for my daughter. Thank you for the recommendation!
Mr Chang
Daughter is in Rulang Primary
I enjoy Ms Sandu's Economics lessons and really appreciate her help in providing me with the guidance and exam tips from her own experience as a JC teacher. Thank you for the help and introduction, TutorBee!
Temasek JC
Thumbs up to Janie for her hard work in recommending me a tutor over the weekend. The tutor came for her first lesson yesterday and the feedback from my son has been positive. Keep up the good work!
Susan Ong
Son from Maris Stella High School



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Coaching Classes or a Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

Today’s world is extremely competitive. Students need to constantly work hard to perform well in their academics and shine in their life. However, a lot of premier institutes are also not being able to provide individual care to students. This results in poor performance and the emergence of the need for a home tutor in Singapore.

Home tuition in Singapore ensures that students receive quality education. Every student is unique and so are their learning capabilities. Certain students can quickly grasp lessons while others require extra guidance to effectively study and understand tricky concepts.

But Singapore also houses many coaching institutes. This confuses parents as to whether they should hire a private tutor or send their children for coaching classes. Here are some important benefits and differences that will help you make an informed decision when it comes to these two modes of teaching:

Home tutoring offers incredible convenience. This is because the tutor brings education to your doorstep. You don’t have to waste valuable time traveling to the coaching institute. Also, coaching classes have a scheduled timetable but with a home tutor in Singapore, you can prepare your timetable and fix classes as per your convenience.

A home tutor lets students learn at their own pace. You decide your preferred time and days for classes.

Private tuition or home tutor can start teaching a concept even before it has been taught in school. As a result, the student gets a chance to revise the concept when it is being taught in the classroom.

When you hire a home tuition agency in Singapore, it becomes quite easy for you to learn any subject. Students can clarify their doubts on a one-on-one basis and quickly gain command over what they are learning. One of the biggest advantages of this method is that the student can create a better image amongst his/her peers and can also feel more confident.

In a classroom or coaching class setup, the teacher attends to twenty or thirty students at a time. The time limit is also pre-defined. This means chances that all the aspects of a particular answer are not provided are high. Keeping the time limit in mind, a school teacher may not be able to clarify and rectify all the faulty areas of a student.

On the other hand, when it comes to home tuition in Singapore, the tutor provides undivided attention and ensures that the student has information about all the aspects of a concept. The student must learn how to write the answer. Home tuition helps the student to analyze correct answers at every step.

Teachers cannot attend every student individually. They have a lot on their plate and are managing several students at one time. Home tutors ensure that their prime focus is entirely on the child and his/her difficulties. The tutor develops an individual bond and supports the child with all of his/her weaknesses.