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More than half of the students that go through the Singapore education system has taken chemistry in secondary school. It is not an easy subject, with Ministry of Education (MOE) testing chemistry students on a wide array of skills using chemistry theory examination papers and School-Based Science Practical Assessment (SPA) .

Hence, finding reliable chemistry tuition to teach your child can be a crucial step to achieving good chemistry grades. Our tuition agency is considered one of the best online providers of private chemistry tuition in Singapore. For chemistry, our experienced chemistry tutors in Singapore can teach your child any chemistry topic – periodic table, chemistry formulas, organic chemistry – or any branch of chemistry. Furthermore, our diverse team of science tutors are able to provide tuition for not just chemistry but also physics and biology.

Our well-equipped chemistry tutors will help your child to do well in chemistry from the most basic levels starting from secondary school, IB, and IP to junior colleges (JC), polytechnics, and tertiary levels. Instead of relying on chemistry tuition centres which do not offer 1-to-1 guidance, request a chemistry home tutor from us!

Pure/Combined O-Level Chemistry Tuition

Following the chemistry 2015 O-level syllabus, secondary students going through the course will learn about the world’s finite resources, energy and chemical industries, social and environmental issues related to the use of chemicals, and the importance of chemistry in daily life.

This means that if your child can obtain a sufficient level of mastery in chemistry, he or she will benefit greatly and become an informed citizen in a technological world.

An excellent chemistry tutor in SIngapore will
not only help your child to improve his chemistry grades and do well in the GCE O’Level Chemistry Examinations, but also help your child to appreciate the applicability of science in everyday life, recognise the useful and limitations of scientific models, take an informed interest in matters of scientific discovery, and equip him or her to pursue further studies beyond the Ordinary level in chemistry if it is their wish.

Rather than watch your child struggle to understand basic covalent bonding or atomic structure, why not hire IP, IB, or O level chemistry tuition and provide your child with the opportunity to enjoy learning this wonderful science subject?

H1/H2 JC A-Level Chemistry Tuition

You’ll be surprised to know that the number of JC chemistry tuition requests is quickly surpassing the number of secondary school chemistry tuition requests, especially in H2 chemistry tuition. This is because A-level chemistry is infamous for its difficulty. Students have to achieve top-level understanding of complex and in-depth chemistry topics such
as halogen derivatives, reaction kinetics, optical isomers, and more! We bet you’ve no idea what these terms are! (Neither do we!)

With a large amount of chemistry content that students have to stay abreast of, along with a demanding practical assessment through JC1-2, and a super hard A-level exam, it is no wonder that your child needs A-level chemistry tuition.

Why Chemistry Tuition in Singapore is Necessary

Fortunately, chemistry is a subject that can be mastered. With a good study plan and proper method of studying, we’re confident that your child excel in chemistry.

Our experienced chemistry tutors will teach your child topic-by-topic, breaking down formulas and simplifying complex branches of chemistry into simple blocks. Your child will also learn first-hand on how to make useful chemistry notes during their private chemistry tuition, which will help them to maximise their study efficiency.

Having a chemistry tutor will ensure that your child does not fall behind in the fast pace of the JC chemistry route. During tough topics such as organic chemistry, your child can rely on his or her chemistry tutor who has gone through the topics and scored A for them, to teach and explain it. This is defnitely give your child a competitive edge over their peers who do not have chemistry tuition.

Latest Chemistry Tuition Rates in Singapore

Level / Tutor Experience Part-Time Tutor Full-Time Tutor School Teachers
Lower Secondary $25-35 $35-45 $60-70
Upper Secondary $30-40 $45-50 $65-80
Junior College $50-60 $60-75 $90-120
International School $30-50 $40-60 $70-90
University Level $60-70 $80-120

Find Singapore Chemistry Tutors for Home Tuition

Do not hesitate in finding your child a good chemistry tutor in singapore! Chemistry is such a fascination subject to be mastered, yet can be a scary monster if your child does not understand a thing about it!

Whether you need O-Level, A-Level, JC, H1/H2, IB or IP Chemistry Tuition, TutorBee home tuition agency will be able to provide the best, more suitable home tutors to match your child. Send us a quick tutor request and our friendly tuition coordinators will happily contact you soon to determine your private tuition needs!


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