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How It Works (For Parents)

Step 1

Fill up the tutor request form and let us know your requirements and child’s needs.

Step 2

Upon receiving your information, we will do our due diligence and screen and search for tutors that fit your needs.

Step 3

We will follow up with you and provide a proposal together with the tutors’ profile for your consideration.

Step 4

Once you’ve decided on the tutor, we will fix the first lesson for your child to start!

Hear what parents have to say about TutorBee!

Priscilla has exceeded my expectations, she comes with her own teaching resources and her explanations are very concise and easy absorbed. She’s also available outside of my sessions with her for Q&A when I need help. I enjoy learning under her.

Siti Diyana

National JC

Thanks to Nicole for introducing Jun Ming to us. There has been improvement in my son’s attitude and confidence to his work and to be frank I am quite surprised. He takes initiative to prepare, sets goals and briefs me on my son’s progress. Please pass on my review on him. Thanks TutorBee!

Pamela Lee

Son from Fengshan Primary School

The agent, Doreen, who matched a tutor for me put in a lot of effort in sourcing a tutor for me. It was not easy for her as my daughter is a special-needs child and I required a very patient tutor who was trained in that area. I was very pleased when she managed to find someone like that for my daughter at a reasonable price. Thumbs up for your service.

Karthik Pandian

Daughter in TKPS

I managed to get an IB teacher through TutorBee and my son's results have been encouraging thus far over the last term's tests. He scored well in IB Biology and the tutor has been giving him additional materials to practise and maintain over the holidays. Cheers for the assistance and recommendation.

Mr Lim Wee Keat

Son from ACSI

My daughter is in the Normal Academic stream and was doing very badly in her math. She was recommended a teacher by TutorBee (Carolyn) and the feedback from my daughter has been very positive. She enjoys Carolyn's lessons and has gained a greater interest in her math, which she detested previously. Her recent SA1 results was 57, an improvement from 45 previously. I am pleased with your recommendation.

Mdm Shafiqah

Daughter in Westwood Secondary

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