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Sign up as a tutor with us and fill up the registration form. If you provide group classes, you can also publish your tuition class with us too.

Step 2

We will include you in the tuition jobs mailer and contact you for any potential tuition assignments.

Step 3

Once you’ve indicated your interest in a job, we will verify your credentials and experience and propose it to the client.

Step 4

Once you are confirmed for the job, we will arrange the first lesson for you. Do prepare ahead and bring along your certs and teaching resources.

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Daily Tuition Jobs

TutorBee receives more than 100 tuition assignments weekly, and you’ll have the pick of them!

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We have been in the industry since 2008 and are able to match you quickly with a tuition assignment promptly and would be able to negotiate for the best terms for you.

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Receive tuition jobs daily and supplement your income either as a student or a full time tutor. Spend your time moulding the future of our nation!

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Private tuition gives you the opportunity to develop additional skillsets which will look good on your CV!

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The sign up process was straightforward and I created a group class for TutorBee to advertise my services and to help fill up my classes. I have gotten a few referrals so far and the students are doing okay so far. Thanks for the introductions.


SMU '04

Jobs were assigned upon my registration and my questions about the student and requests for more information about the assignment was prompt and clear. Keep up the good work guys!

Clarissa Tan

NUS '07

I was given an assignment pretty quickly once I signed up and was matched with a P3 math student. Fees were ideal and matched my asking rates. The parent paid promptly and the coordinator followed up with me meticulously on my first assignment. Thanks!

Jenica Lim

Former MOE Teacher (Primary)

Dear TutorBee, the coordinator, Leanne, who assigned a job for me was quick in her response and managed to clinch the job for me within a day. The student's information was also provided to me in detail, allowing me to understand the child's needs to prepare ahead of time. Keep up the good work guys!

Fong Wai Kit

Full Time Tutor

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