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Are you struggling to do well in GP? Did not do well in your examinations despite putting forth your best effort? Consistently scoring ‘S’ or ‘U’, even though you managed to get an ‘A’ in your GCE O’Levels?

Rest assured that you’re not alone! Lots of students who enter into Junior College (JC) are unpleasantly surprised at the level of difficulty of General Paper (GP), the substitute for English. Unfortunately, GP is a compulsory H1 academic subject at the A-Level examinations in Singapore – all students in JCs and Millennia Institute have to be tested in GP, except those studying Knowledge and Inquiry (KI)!

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Why is General Paper (GP) So Difficult?


According to SEAB, the GP syllabus is a step up from ‘English’, a subject that students are all too familiar with.

While secondary school students were able to get away with writing expository essays and short stories relating to their own personal experiences, GP students are prohibited from doing so.

In GP, essay-writing is restricted to long and formal argumentative-type essays, where students are expected to express an informed, creative, and critical response on an incredibly diverse spectrum of topics,including but not limited to – history, economics, politics, philosphy, science, current developments, culture, arts,mathematics, geography, historical, social, cultural, economic, political and philosophical topics – which are of interest to the local and global community

In short, students mainly struggle on two fronts – a strong command of the English language and in-depth content knowledge on diverse GP topics. A student weak in both these fronts will require good GP tuition in Singapore in order to improve his grades.

Why Do I Need GP Tuition in Singapore?


As you know by now, doing well in GP requires students to not only have the ability to think critically and to construct cogent arguments, but also to underscore maturity of thought, independent thinking and be proficient in the use of English language.

Not only that, but they need to spend considerable time studying and memorising facts on a ton of topics which may be boring to them.

Without GP tuition, a student will not know which direction to take, and which learning route to go. Our experienced general paper tutors .will be able to pinpoint your student’s weaknesses in GP and help them to gain confidence by working on their weaknesses. Not only that, but practice papers and exercises for essays and comprehensions can be provided. As they say, ‘practice makes perfect’. This is very true in GP.

The more experienced GP tutors come with higher gp tuition rates, but some are even known to be able to predict with accuracy the topics that come out in the next A-level exams. These tutors are GP experts who have taken up a lot general paper tuition assignments and will be able to help students to improve in GP from a failing grade.

Why A GP Tutor Is Better Than GP Tuition Centres


Having a private general paper tutor will allow a chance for the tutor to spend more time personally with the tutee, going through their common mistakes and tendencies in writing general paper essays and in doing comprehension papers.

Another area where an excellent general paper tuition teacher really helps is in content. A great private gp teacher can share hisor her own personal content booklets, imparting valuable knowledge and nuggets of information which the student can note down on summary cards to recall easily in their gp essays to score well.

In learning how to do well for GP comprehensions, a private gp tutor will be able to work things quickly with your child, helping him or her to attain a good mastery – much faster than a tuition centre handling 40 students.

Lowest GP Tuition Rates in Singapore

Tutor Level / Experience Part-Time Tutors Full-Time Tutor (Non-MOE) Ex/Current MOE Tutors
JC 1 $50-60 $60-70 $90-110
JC 2 $55-65 $65-80 $100-120

Despite having smaller tutorial classes, the teacher-to-student ratio is still often about 1-to-20 or more. TutorBee firmly believes in the effectiveness of JC home tuition, in order to give your child that competitive edge to secure a place in university.

We offer qualified JC home tutors ranging from part-time undergraduate tutors to full-time NIE tutors who are equipped to help your child end their struggle with A levels. Their rates are cross-checked and are competitive. We strive to provide our tutees with the lowest JC rates in Singapore.

Best A-Level GP Tuition Agency in Singapore


Are you looking for A-level GP tuition? Wait no further, because failing GP could deny your chances of getting into local universities.

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