Interested in studying abroad? Looking at colleges overseas and their admission requirements, and feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be: there are some items that you will need, such as a visa and a valid passport to travel to the country your university of choice is located in, but to gain entry into a college or university overseas, you need to take an overseas college admission test, depending on program you are going for, i.e. a bachelor’s degree, an MBA, a Master’s, or a doctoral degree.

These tests are mainly to test your analytical and literacy skills and knowledge, and they include SAT, GMAT, and GRE. Below we’ll explore each of these overseas university entrance tests.

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Who Requires These Tests?

The SAT is required for most universities and colleges in the United States of America through offer four-year undergraduate programs. Started in 1926, the SAT has no official prerequisite and is taken within and outside the US.

The GMAT is required for entry into graduate management programs of business schools. Started in 1953, it is taken in 114 countries and in 600 test centres. More than 2000 universities and business schools in several countries, including the US, use this test as criteria for selection.

The GRE is taken by undergraduates who are about to graduate; by bachelor’s degree holders who want to gain admission into a master’s program; and by graduates who want to gain admission into a doctoral degree program. It is offered in more than 160 countries, at about 100 test centres. The computer-based test can be taken a maximum of five times a year, while the paper-based test is taken as often as possible, and is offered in regions where there is a limited availability of computer-based tests.

Each of these examinations comprises of certain subjects to test your analytical skills, your writing skills, and your knowledge in areas of social science, humanities, and the like.

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The SAT Reasoning Test, also known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test and the Scholastic Assessment Test, is an exam taken every year by high school students to gain admission into universities and colleges. Singaporeans also take the SAT if they wish to gain admission to US Colleges.

SAT is owned and published by a private, non-profit organization called the College Board in the United States of America. The SAT tests your literacy and writing skills, which are important for academic success in universities and colleges. The paper-based test is offered seven times every year, worldwide, and in English, for entry into most undergraduate programs in most America universities.

SAT comprises Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. These three sections are further divided into sub-sections:

  • Critical Reading is made up of passages that you have to read to answer questions on social sciences, physical sciences, personal narratives, and humanities.
    Mathematics has two sections: Calculator section and No Calculator section, both with different completion times.
     Writing has a multi-choice subsection and an essay sub-section.

Why You Should Consider SAT Private Tuition in Singapore

Singaporeans are divided between taking private tuition for SAT or going for SAT prep courses. There are various pros and cons to each but reliable private tutors for SAT tend to be more flexible in offering customized lessons according to your needs.

For instance, the new SAT math questions now focus on three different areas: linear equations; complex equations or functions; and ratios, percentages and proportional reasoning. Calculators are permitted on the only part of the math section. Another key change is that the overall scoring has returned to the old 1600 scale, based on a top score of 800 in reading and math. These are the key things our tutor will be able to take note of, notify you in advance and provide the necessary adjustments in his teachings during your SAT private tuition.

SAT private tuition often bests SAT prep courses in Singapore, as you can have an undivided attention during your private tuition for SAT with a tutor who has taken SAT and has experience in guiding students like yourself to higher scores.

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The Graduate Management Admission Test is a test owned by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which is used to assess the analytical writing and problem-solving abilities of its takers. Taken multiple times a year, the GMAT is intended for undergraduates who are about to graduate from college or university and also taken by bachelor’s holders who want to get into an MBA program. It is basically a test taken to gain entry into a graduate management program. The GMAT does not measure IQ or business knowledge and is used by more than 2100 universities as part or the requirements needed for admission.

The GMAT exam comprises four sections, which include an analytical writing assessment (AWA), integrated reasoning, a quantitative section, and a verbal section. The AWA is an essay where you are required to write a critique of the argument presented.

Integrated reasoning consists of 12 questions in 4 formats: graphics interpretation, two-part analysis, table analysis, and multi-source reasoning.

GMAT Private Tuition and GMAT Singapore Test Dates

Instead of waiting for the test period to be available, to take the GMAT, you will need to register yourself at to book for a GMAT Singapore Test Date with two test centres in Singapore, The NTUC Learning Hub Pte Ltd located at 73 Bras Basah Road or Pearson Professional Center Singapore situated at International Plaza, Level 30, Unit 3. It is offered all year round and by appointment only.

For many graduate business schools, the GMAT is used as a benchmark for measuring students coming from different education backgrounds. One of the smart ways is to take the test first half of the year so that there is still time to retake the second test if you are not happy with your score and yet, still meet the closing date of universities application. However, if you are well-prepared with GMAT tuition, you might not even need to take the test a second time! Another smart way is to engage us to provide you with bespoke GMAT private tuition to prep you in advance so that you can walk into the test centre, full of confidence.

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The Graduate Record Examination is a computer-based/paper-based standardized test developed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) the can be taken multiple times a year, in more than 160 countries. The GRE is offered in English as well and is used to gain admission into master’s programs and doctoral degree programs in various institutions around the world.

GRE has six sections: analytical writing, two verbal reasoning sections, two quantitative reasoning sections, and either an experimental or research question. The last five sections can be taken in any order. All these exams are timed, with the time ranging 3.5 to 4 hours given to you to start and end your test, with a few minutes’ break in between tests.

GRE Private Classes in Singapore

Many have compared GMAT with GRE and although they are two very different tests, it is widely acknowledged that GRE is the tougher test. With all the components stringently composed to ensure that the high scorer is an all rounder performer, it is highly stressed to even complete one section, racing against time. To take GRE in Singapore, there is only one GRE Test Center at Studyworks Pte. Ltd. 559 Bukit Timah Road, #03-02 King’s Arcade.

There are plenty of GRE private classes offered in Singapore however, the most efficient one has to be opting for GRE private tuition to maximise your time to meet the deadline of your application. Do you know that GRE is the only graduate-level admissions test that allows you skip difficult questions and return to them later in the test when you have more time to tackle them? Our private tutors do and able to impart other tips and information to allow you to grasp GRE better and obtain higher scores.

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Specialised Prep Classes or Private Tuition for Overseas College Admission

If you are thinking of saving money and enrol yourself in a specialised prep class, don’t. These admission tests are unlike regular school exams, require a certain technique to master them. Narrowing it down to the style of questions to the different categories, you need to allocate certain time limitation to each question and an overall time limitation to each category. A misstep may mean that you will not be able to complete the entire test, one of the common mistakes leading to low scores in these tests.

personal private tutor is able to identify your weakness and strengths in the different area of the test and meticulously calculate the different time allocation for different categories. Moreover, GMAT and GRE have a verbal section (a common pitfall); best prep with someone experienced enough who is able to practice with you, identify your mistakes, correct you on the spot and provide you with the best possible alternative answer.

It is not easy to obtain the best score in these tests especially when your future education endeavours are at stake, however; it is not entirely impossible to hit a high score. To do so, one must be mentally well prepared weeks before taking these tests and the most efficient method is to hire a professional private tutor.

How SAT, GMAT, and GRE Private Tuition Helps Your Preparation

It is very important to be well prepared before taking any of these tests, because:
 You need to show that you really ready for college or university, and these tests are a way to prove that, both to yourself and to the institution you are seeking entry into.
 If you really want to study overseas, you need to do well in these tests to meet the minimum entry criteria for the program you are going for.
 Preparation familiarizes you with the subjects, raising your comfort level and eliminating self-doubt and anxiety.
 Knowing to question formats gives you an edge, helping you build your stamina to take these hours-long tests. They are like marathons, and they are all timed, so preparing for this makes it easier for you to handle.
 Knowing the question formats also helps you to answer questions in an efficient manner, which can actually save you time.

dedicated private tutor who has gone through the SAT, GMAT and GRE tests can give you personal guidance on how to prepare and do well in your exams. Don’t wait. Engage a private tutor today.


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