Economics Tuition

Economics is a very fascinating subject to study and hence, many students in Singapore opt to study economics. Ths subject is defined as a study of human action, related to human choice and the utilization of scarce resources. It is all about how humans behave to achieve certain needs given the assumption of limited resources.

Therefore, it is an extremely tricky subject and while it may be interesting, getting a good grip on it can be a little tough. A  student must have a good understanding of the concepts it entails. A lot of students start to panic after they get their exam results and realize that their random answering techniques are not working at all.

The study of Economics consists of microeconomics and macroeconomics. Common economics topics include resource allocation, types of markets, opportunity cost, market failure, firms and how they operate, government intervention, economic indicators, fiscal policies. etc.

Did the topics we listed above confuse you? In fact, most people hear terms like the market failure or supply-side policy and are dazzled because of the details these simple-sounding terms hold. A lot of students are not confident in learning or mastering Economics because they are not aware of what Economics is about. Economics is not an easy subject, but it can be mastered with proper guidance and diligence.

Why Economics Tuition in Singapore?

Our experienced Economics private tutor will:

  • Provide an overall understanding of economics by linking different topics together and comparing it to the real world economy. Our tutors allow students to improve theoretical concepts by using their analytical and evaluation skills.
  • Focus on the improvement of skills for answering examinations, essay writing, and case study analysis.
  • Help you to develop proper answering structure in both close-ended and open-ended economics questions.
  • Add to your learning by sharing industry knowledge, practical stories and personal experiences.

At TutorBee, we understand the struggle a student faces who has just started learning Economics. We maintain a vast database of Economics tutors in Singapore who are willing and able to personally guide your child to success. With our tutor’s help, your child will have a chance to clear all the problems he/she faces in the Economics subject and will overcome all sort of uncertainties they have pertaining to specific topics.

Economics Tuition Rates

Level / Tutor ExperiencePart-Time TutorFull-Time TutorSchool Teachers
Junior College$50-60$60-80$90-120
International School$30-50$40-60$70-90
University Level$60-70$80-120

Are you ready to start your Economics tuition?

TutorBee values your child’s education, and we strive to do what we can to ensure that all our economics home tutors have the capability to help your child improve and perform well in examinations whether it’s H1, H2 or H3, or A-levels or IB. Our tutors are patient, courteous and friendly and will go the extra mile to ensure you learn Economics without stress.
So, wait no more. Register for Economics tuition now.