POA Tuition

Financial accounting is one of the most lucrative professions in Singapore because every company in the market deals with some form of financial accounting. Studying Principles of Accounting will give students an academic edge that may also help them develop a profound interest in the subject. Exposing them early to the field of accounting can encourage them to pursue a highly-profitable career in the economic and financial industry.

Accounting is a versatile field with endless career opportunities. A POA graduate can pursue high-paying jobs as a financial analyst, financial reporting manager, staff accountant, business analyst, etc., along with the possibility of self-employment as a business entrepreneur.  Additionally, graduates from accredited accounting schools like as NTU & SMU are always in high demand. An accounting graduate can fetch an entry salary of $3,500 on average; a considerably hefty starting pay for an entry position. With Singapore continuing to be a developing financial hub, graduates of POA will continue to attain more pathways to brighter industrial opportunities.

Mastery of the subject instills skills to accounting students that are proving to be increasingly valuable in the complex modern business world. Mastering the core concepts around POA will also be beneficial to a student throughout their career, with terms like tax, credits, debits, etc., that they would very much likely encounter regardless of their field of further education or their desired career.

Offered to Normal Academic and Sec 4 students, along with Secondary 3 as an elective, Principles of Accounts is one of the most practical subjects in Singapore. It is also examinable at the GCE O-Levels. While Accounting is primarily principles-based, it demands a considerable amount of practice in order to be able to master the way of application to real-life concepts. Aside from the content of the course, the level of standard for students in Singapore is also quite high, making the course demand very challenging academically.

To fetch an A1 grade, a student would have to score 95% or better in their POA examination. Because the course is in high-demand, the competition in the classroom is fierce. One of the biggest challenges in studying accounting is practicing without proper guidance. This tends to be the case for a room full of students with only one teacher to assist them. Students tend to memorize a problem’s solution without really internalizing the logic and core concept that goes into each step. Students with a better understanding of fundamental financial concepts and a deep genuine appreciation for the discipline instilled in the course reap more benefits than those who don’t. Hence, POA tuition in Singapore has become very popular. In order to help their child have an advantage, POA tuition is becoming more popular, even more than maths tuition.

POA is a difficult subject for students simply because it has no prior exposure. Private accounting tutors in Singapore will provide your child with one-on-one POA tuition, effectively explaining concepts in an interactive manner. Your child’s grasp of the subject will be tested and from there, adjustments will be made to equip them with effective learning methods. Practicing accounting concepts under supervision will guide them in approaching problems with the right mindset, which will then give them the knowledge and confidence to answer their examination with ease.

Cost-effective POA Tuition Rates in Singapore

Level / Tutor ExperiencePart-Time TutorFull-Time TutorSchool Teachers
Lower Secondary$25-35$35-45$60-70
Upper Secondary$30-40$45-50$65-80
Junior College$50-60$60-75$90-120
International School$30-50$40-60$70-90
University Level$60-70$80-120

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