Social Studies Tuition

The social study is the combined systematic study of the social sciences and humanities. It integrates disciplines from anthropology, geography, history, sociology, political science, and many other fields of study. Studying social studies promotes civic competence and responsibility among students, letting them develop the sense to make intellectually informed decisions that promote the common good as citizens of Singapore.

Social Studies ignites a passion to criticize real-world issues. It helps students to understand and internalize their would-be roles in shaping the future. The subject requires students to consider and analyze the multiple perspectives present within an issue in order to draw an educated conclusion. In the primary and secondary level, social studies aid students to understand the interrelationships of Singapore and the rest of the world and to appreciate the complexities of living in a society. Their learning of these core concepts starts at primary level and is expounded with greater depth at the secondary level. Upper Secondary level’s subject focuses on honing thinking skills to analyze real-life information in substantial ways. It also aims to foster a strong sense of responsibility to the nation, encouraging them to be responsible and proud citizens of Singapore.

The academic toll of social studies can be demanding to a student due to the different disciplines integrated into the subject. It is therefore advisable that students having difficulty concentrating on which topics to focus on to ask for additional help. The assistance provided by a private social studies tuition can help a student have a deeper understanding of the fundamentals, and in turn, score well in the examinations. A private social studies tutor will be able to adjust their teaching methods to enable an engaging and effective social studies review.

Updated Social Studies Tuition Rates in Singapore

Level / Tutor ExperiencePart-Time TutorFull-Time TutorSchool Teachers
Lower Secondary$25-35$35-45$60-70
Upper Secondary$30-40$45-50$65-80
Junior College$50-60$60-75$90-120
International School$30-50$40-60$70-90

Secondary IB, O-Level Social Studies Tuition in Singapore

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