The International English Language Testing System (IELTS), a brain-child of IDP:IELTS Australia, the British Council and Cambridge English Language Assessment is the most prevalent high-stakes English language skill test for study, work and relocation with over two million tests taken every year.

IELTS is a test developed by an international team of specialists and undergoes wide-ranging research to guarantee that the test remains impartial and balanced for any test taker irrespective of nationality, background, gender, lifestyle or location.
The IELTS test is a prerequisite where English is the language of communication. It is intended to appraise the language skill of persons who want to study or work in such places .

The test (Listening, Reading and Writing) are taken on the same day one after the other. There are no breaks in between. The Speaking test, which comes after, depends onthe center, and may be on the same day as the other three tests, or up to seven days before or after that.
Versions of IELTS to select from:
 IELTS Academic
 IELTS General Training

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IELTS Exam Pattern

Four language skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking are tested under three hours when taking the IELTS exam. It is imperative that the following formats be adopted.

  • IELTS test duration is 2 hours 45 minutes.
    The first three skills, Listening, Reading and Writing all serves as the initial listening test and must be finished in a day.
     The Speaking part of the test which must be taken exactly a week before or after the test modules is at the will of the test centre.
     The tests-by design-covers the complete range of skill from no-user to proficient user.

IELTS Registration

There are over 3000 IELTS test centers in more than 120 countries around the world. The altogether different approach that the British Council employs can also be used be put to use.

There is no refund and registration that takes place within the five weeks of the test date is impossible to postpone. Only an official medical report can change things. To obtain the application form, visit the official website of IELTS

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IELTS Preparation

The Preparatory course for IELTS:
For optimum comprehension and preparation, the following tips should be adopted:
The format of the test must be comprehensively studied to guarantee that test takers knows what to expect,

Every content of the test should be prudently looked at. Test takers should, not necessarily in the following order practice their Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing skills with the aid of IELTS materials and training tests.

IELTS Preparatory Course in Singapore: Singapore’s LSBF’s elementary course for International English Language Testing System will assist test takers in advancing their English Language Proficiency to a standard recognized by tertiary institution across the world. A suitable score on the International English Language Testing system (IELTS) examination must be accomplished to study an undergraduate or advanced course in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia and several other English-speaking nations.

Course Fee: IELTS (Part Time – for 11 Saturdays at 5 hours per Saturday) – S$1,000 (inclusive of GST)

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IELTS Tuition

In the United States of America, the International English Language Testing System fee is about $200.

While in Singapore,
 The present IELTS test fee is S$355 (inclusive of GST) for test times in June, July and August 2017.
 For dates that occur after August 31, 2017, the fee will be S$365 (inclusive of GST)

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IELTS Preparatory Course Rates in Singapore

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The recommended total tuition duration to ensure that you are fully prepared for IELTS is 22 hours.

IELTS Score Needed

Using a scale of 1-9 test-takers are scored for each portion of the test; the average of the results from the four subtests is then used to determine what’s known as the total band score.

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IELTS Singapore forum

IELTS network, a Singaporean forum for test-takers where experience is shared by users. A particular user, simply known as ‘gtgw’ who lives in Singapore and first language is actually Mandarin, shared tips on how he was able to score 8.5 band overall.

He highlighted relying on the free simulated listening test provided by the IELTS network as well as the British Council’s ‘Road to IELTS’ programme’ as the two most singular reasons for his success as a first-time test-taker.

SmileTutor provides a forum that rivals -in training- all of the entrants of the International House Aberdeen’s official rating. A forum where there are no holds barred on the kind of questions and answers test-takers can ask as well as receive. Also, a platform where test-takers can acquaint themselves with how the exam works, great IELTS resources necessary for research, frank, valuable and succinct IELTS resources with specific emphasis on vocabulary and grammar is provided to ease the course and preparation for the IELTS exam.

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