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Having a hard time in H1 General Paper? Did not do well in the last exam even after putting immense effort into it? If you are going through any of these problems don’t worry because you are not alone, and we may just have a solution to your problem.

General Paper H1 (GP) is a mandatory academic subject in the GCE ‘A’ Levels curriculum that is to be taken by every student in the Junior Colleges in Singapore.

Unlike Secondary Levels, during which English subject covers the basics, GP is designed to aid the development of critical thinking ability of the students, their ability to devise strong arguments and also to convey their thoughts in a more effective manner.

We, at TutorBee, help you find a home tutor who can help you enhance your critical thinking ability and improve your writing and analytical skills.  There is also a great focus on teaching the skill of intensive learning and reading technique which is often overlooked but is important for language improvement. Our approach provides students with a streamlined strategy that helps them prepare for their examination in a very effective manner. Our tutors provide practice papers and exercises for essays and comprehensions.

Is General Paper Difficult?

  • General Paper is difficult because it is a step up from the English subject. While secondary school students are expected to write essays and short stories relating to their own personal experiences, but in General Paper students are forbidden from doing so.
  • Examiners of the General Paper expect the students to write long and formal argumentative essays which is not as easy a task as it looks like. Students are expected to express their creativity and critical response on an incredibly diverse spectrum of topics.
  • Students are also required to have the ability to think critically and to construct logical arguments and be proficient in the use of the English language.
  • Not only that, but the students also spend a considerable amount of time studying and memorizing facts on a ton of topics which may be boring for them.

Lowest GENERAL PAPER Tuition Rates in Singapore

Tutor Level / ExperiencePart-Time TutorsFull-Time Tutor (Non-MOE)Ex/Current MOE Tutors
JC 1$50-60$60-70$90-110
JC 2$55-65$65-80$100-120

Despite having smaller tutorial classes, the teacher-to-student ratio is still often about 1-to-15 or more. TutorBee firmly believes in the effectiveness of home tuition, in order to give your child that upper hand to secure a place in a university. We offer qualified home who are equipped to help your child end their struggle with A levels. Their rates are cross-checked and are competitive. We strive to provide the lowest rates in Singapore.

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