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Math is one of the core subjects in a student’s academic life and is taken at every level from Primary to JC/IB and in certain cases at the tertiary level. It is a very important subject for students to master as it’s one of the most important building blocks for the world around us as Math is applied to almost everything that we do. It is also useful in other fields of studies like Humanities, Engineering, Business, Science, Medicine and more. It is also important because its applications in real life are myriad and it is resourceful in managing personal finances. Despite the importance of math, many people fear it and fail to understand the concept of math due to its complexity. We have had students who due to a weak foundation in the subject lose confidence and interest in it.

Math has traditionally formed a substantial part of the education of young people in Singapore throughout their school lives. Its value for further and higher education, for employment, and as a component of general education has been recognised by the community at large and finding cheap and good Math tutors in Singapore that can help your child succeed is becoming a real challenge.

TutorBee, a Tuition Agency providing the best math tuition in Singapore. Our tutor ensures that students have the greatest exposure to different kinds of questions and answering strategies suitable for each topic. Concise revision notes are provided to help students revise and understand the key points of each chapter, efficiently. We have a large team of math tutors that are qualified to teach school and junior college students. Whether it’s for PSLE, A Maths or E Maths, or O-level, H1 or H2 maths for JC, or even IP or IB maths tuition.

Why Math tuition in Singapore is so popular?

It is common knowledge that most of the children in Singapore crave of being doctors, accountants, engineers, or pursue other science degrees.

The subject is equally important for students who have opted for math, science or economics. It is mandatory that every student including those in the art field have the background and knowledge of Math.

Math is a compulsory subject, therefore a good math tutor can help simplify the subject for your child, and explain the concepts in a fun manner.

This helps your child to develop a strong interest in math and also do well in their examinations. So, it’s advisable to hire math tutors from a reliable math tuition agency in Singapore.

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We make sure that we have interviewed the math tutors working with us and ascertain that our math tutors are confident and capable of meeting each child’s unique requirements.

TutorBee values your child’s education, as much as you do, and we strive to do what we can to ensure that all our maths home tutors have the capability to help your child improve and perform well in examinations. Our tutors are patient, courteous and friendly and will go the extra mile to ensure you learn Math without stress.
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