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Physics can be amongst the most complex subjects that you have studied as it accompanies numerous mathematical equations and simple to complex lab practical assessments. It is the most common science subject opted by students in Singapore especially at the Secondary level. Learning about mechanics, light waves, heat radiation, electromagnetism, refraction, diffraction, light energy, sound waves and the structure of atoms can be tiring. It won’t be surprising if your child is struggling with this subject.

If you’re looking for reliable private physics tuition in Singapore, TutorBee is the right place to head to. TutorBee is amongst the most renowned Physics tuition providers in all of Singapore. Our home tutors can teach physics for all types of students who are appearing for their A levels, O levels; junior college (JC) H1, H2, or H3 examinations. With home tuition, your child learns better and faster and this leads to them being more successful in school.

Why should you opt for a home tuition?

  • Private physics tutors customize each and every lesson and give your child dedicated attention in order to help him understand physics formulas and concepts. Their aim is to clear the students’ misconceptions and doubts by encouraging and assisting them throughout.
  • Home tutors focus on teaching analytical and evaluation skills and have a single child to pay attention towards which serves to be effective for the child,
  • Opting for secondary school physics is a wise choice, as physics is a very practical subject. However, the troubles which cannot be sorted out by the teachers at school should be sorted out the home tutors.
  • A good Singapore physics tutor will help your child familiarize with the syllabus by going through the study material from textbook and explaining concepts and helping your child to make physics notes, which are crucial for learning.
  • Home tutors may provide different learning materials to help your child to gather information online for a particular topic in physics that is not fully understood.
  • Further, experienced physics tutors will teach your child how to use Wikipedia, and go through past papers for physics with your child.

TutorBee provides qualified tutor services to make sure your child excels in the subject at school and is at ease while completing physics assignments. Our private tutor is going to make your child understand the subject, thoroughly, and struggle less with physics. The private tutors, at TutorBee, assist your child with reading and learning techniques suitable for him or her. The tutors comprehend the syllabus thoroughly and are committed to helping the students excel not only in the A-levels examination but the skills that the students are likely to acquire are going to be helpful in the upcoming future as well.

Updated Physics Tuition Rates in Singapore

Level / Tutor ExperiencePart-Time TutorFull-Time TutorSchool Teachers
Lower Secondary$25-35$35-45$60-70
Upper Secondary$30-40$45-50$65-80
Junior College$50-60$60-75$90-120
International School$30-50$40-60$70-90
University Level$60-70$80-120

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TutorBee values your child’s education and makes sincere efforts in order to help your child excel in the subject as well as do away with all the doubts which perpetuate with regard to the subject. We ensure that all our Physics home tutors have the capability to help your child improve and perform well in examinations. Our tutors are, also, going to assist your child in the assignments with regard to the subject.
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