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Science is one of the most practical subjects, along with mathematics. Many of today’s most prominent occupations revolve around science – research, engineering, medicine etc. Having a strong foundation in sciences during a student’s academic years will open up a vast roadmap of career opportunities when he or she grows up.

Knowing the important of Science, the Ministry Of Education (MOE) has made Science a compulsory subject for all students in Singapore. At primary level, it accounts for 25% of the total aggregate PSLE score. At secondary level, even arts students have to take at least 2 combined science subjects for their O levels.

With more and more students choosing the science path, science home tuition in Singapore (Chemistry tuition, Physics tuition, Biology tuition) is becoming more popular as parents want their child to have an advantage over their peers. Science tuition is even becoming more popular than maths tuition.

Our home tuition agency is considered one of the best science tuition agencies in Singapore. With our strong team of science tutors, we’re able to provide primary science tuition, science tuition for secondary (Combined and Pure Physics Tuition, Chemistry Tuition, and Biology Tuition), science tuition for junior colleges (JC), polytechnics, university level, IB, and even IP science tuition.

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Expand Your Child’s Horizons Through Science Tuition

Science is a powerful subject. It isn’t something intended only for the few. Every human being, no matter what occupation, will benefit from understanding some science in order to get through with our lives. For instance, what to eat, how will drugs affect us, whether to smoke etc. Science helps us understand our bodies and understand the world around us. Global warming,environmental toxins, biomedical research, and nuclear technology are some of the topics that science teaches us.

Science helps our younger generation discover the fascinating world around them and better understand their crucial role in society. This is why we study Chemistry, Physics, and Biology and why we need science tutors in Singapore!

Why Science Tuition Singapore?

Science may be important for everyone, but not everyone can understand it well. This is because subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology can be quite complex and require a lot of memory work and understanding of science fundamentals. Without a reliable science tutor (physics tutor, chemistry tutor or biology tutor), students may find it hard to grasp science concepts taught in class.

Thankfully, a good science tutor in Singapore will be able to provide individual attention to your child and specially instruct your child about the difficult concepts. The positive effects of 1-to-1 science tuition is something that even the best science tuition centre in Singapore cannot provide, because of its group tuition setting.

For instance, a science tutor in Singapore providing physics tuition can be crucial because physics require a great understanding of the definitions, concepts, and methods of solving questions. A good physics tutor in Singapore will be able to privately teach your child the ability to think critically and creatively in order to understand and excel in physics. The same goes for private biology tutors providing biology tuition and chemistry tutors providing chemistry tuition in Singapore.

Lose Out Without Good Science Tuition in Singapore

  1. Competency in science helps your child find jobs. The rise in scientific industries such as research and engineering has made competency in Science more important than ever before. Technical competency at high levels are much valued in the marketplace.
  2. Science subjects are compulsory. All students have to go through Science, especially in O levels where there might be up to two or even THREE Science subjects (for triple science students) in O Levels. This is where a Science tutor Singaporecan really help.
  3. You either get science or you don’t – Relieve the pressure and help your child improve their grades so as to face the tough competition in PSLE, O level, and A level.

Budget-friendly Science Tuition Rates in Singapore

Level / Tutor Experience Part-Time Tutor Full-Time Tutor School Teachers
Lower Primary $20-25 $35-40 $50-60
Upper Primary $25-35 $35-50 $55-70
Lower Secondary $25-35 $35-45 $60-70
Upper Secondary $30-40 $45-50 $65-80
Junior College $50-60 $60-75 $90-120
International School $30-50 $40-60 $70-90
University Level $60-70 $80-120

Science Tutor for PSLE, O-Level and A-Level

Looking for a Science Tutor? TutorBee home Tuition Agency is the best Science home tuition agency for finding Singapore science tutors. We know the importance of a having the best science tutors in Singapore, and so we phone interview all our tutors before recommending them.

TutorBee values your child’s Science education, and strives to do all we can to ensure that our science home tutors have the capability to help your child improve their science grades!

Sign up for our PSLE, O-Level or A-Level Science tuition Singapore and give your child an academic headstart today! Our private Science tuition agency will effectively match your child with a suitable science home tutor and begin the journey of science improvement!


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