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Conducted annually, the Singapore-Cambridge GCE (Advanced Level) Examination, also known as A-levels, is a world-wide examinatio that assesses private candidates and Junior College students for University entry.

Since the MOE & SEAB collaborates with the University of Cambridge to produce with A-level papers in Singapore, the difficulty of A-levels in Singapore is of a higher standard than that of A-levels tested in the UK. Each year, the level of difficulty and competition increases with numerous foreign scholars coming flying in to compete for limited university slots in places in NTU, NUS, & SMU. Many local students have reportedly failed their A-level exams despite working extremely hard for two years. The rigorous schedule, challenging syllabus, and competitive school environment has caused severe stress on these students.

Having private A level tuition these days is almost a necessity to ensure a successful stay in JCs. Students reportedly find it extremely daunting to stay on top of the curriculum taught in JCs. Without the help of a private A-level tuition, a student is at a big disadvantage compared to their peers and may risk falling even further behind. Struggling students are highly advised to seek help as falling behind is not an option. Catching-up can be difficult as the high-paced curriculum piles on correlated topics up until the last month or so of the examinations. It is of utmost importance to seek A-level tuition help as soon as possible to stay on track and reinforce confusing concepts. It can be very difficult to catch up once a student falls behind, as the curriculum is being taught at an extremely high pace all the way until the last month or so before the final examinations.

While A-level tuition centers in Singapore are usually slightly cheaper in terms of the tuition rates for A-level, the benefits and effectiveness of private A-level tuition are far more rewarding in aiding a student. The level of focus and dedication provided by a private A-level tuition, in tandem with the customized lesson plans, teaching methodology, and curriculum appropriate for a student’s preferences and needs cannot be matched by an A-level tuition center teacher.

With a number of other students in their tuition center class in need of assistance, full coverage of a student’s problem areas simply is not feasible for a tuition center teacher. In comparison, having private one-on-one A-level home tuition provides a junior college student with a dedicated private tutor whose sole focus is entirely on their progress. Tuition sessions can be optimized to teach them in areas they have problems with. The tutor can also determine specific learning techniques and give them tips on how to achieve stellar results in their exams.

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