AEIS Tuition

AEIS is an opportunity for international students to get enrolled in the reputed Singapore schools. The Ministry of Education (MOE) organizes the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) every year for international students interested in joining local notable primary or secondary schools in Singapore. All international students are required to pass the AEIS examination in order to qualify for a slot in a local school.

According to the MOE website, one should perform the following actions for AEIS admission:
1. Submission of documents for AEIS application
2. Receive proof of entry for your examination
3. Take the AEIS examination for Primary/Secondary level
4. View the result online
5. If successful, report to the school

The annual Singapore AEIS exam held in early October tests foreign students in two subjects: English and Math. The objective of the test is to evaluate a candidate’s proficiency in English literacy and their mathematical aptitude. The degree of difficulty increases as one goes from Primary 2 up to Secondary 3, depending on the level that the candidate is applying for.

Moreover, the education system in Singapore is famous for its demanding and highly-competitive nature. Hence, applicants from foreign countries whose education systems are not as rigorous may find the AEIS examto be extremely challenging. To ensure that an applicant is adequately prepared, engaging with a local AEIS tutor inSingapore may prove to be crucial in passing the examination.

With tutors experienced with the AEIS syllabus and grading standards of the AEIS exam, an applicant can fully prepare for the topics that are sure to come up on the test. An experienced tutor will be able to effectively train and familiarize your child with answering exam questions under the simulated exam environment while using the prescribed format and the most efficient methods. This helps them build confidence and erases the possibility of losing precious points from answering with the wrong formats.

Singapore AEIS tutors will equip your child with AEIS preparation courses for both English and Math, specifically designed for foreign applicants, with utmost consideration and adjustments for their varying aptitudes. Regardless of your country’s previous educational approach, your child will be able to adapt and answer the AEIS to the best of their abilities. Practice and mock exams may also be provided in order to simulate what they are most likely to encounter during the AEIS exam itself, thus further improving their chances of passing with flying colors. At the current affordable rates, it is advised to consider enrolling in AEIS private tuition if you are planning to let your kid take the AEIS exam.

Level / Tutor ExperiencePart-Time TutorFull-Time TutorSchool Teachers
Primary 2-3$25-30$35-45$55-60
Primary 4-6$25-35$40-50$60-70
Secondary 1-2$30-35$40-50$60-75
Secondary 3$30-40$40-50$65-80

At TutorBee, we employ only the most qualified and trustworthy AEIS tutors who will be dedicated to ensuring your child’s success. Our professionals will prepare them to take on the challenge without the hindrance of ill-preparedness and cultural shock. Whether it’s for the short-term tuition only for the AEIS exam, or for the long-term task after your child successfully obtains a slot, we’ll gladly assist you and provide you with an expert home tutor suitable for your needs.