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For international students applying to college abroad, information about what the SAT is and what to expect in the examination is essential.

The SAT is run by the College Board–a private non-profit organization–and is one of the two standardized college admissions tests in the United States. It was adapted from the Army IQ test and was first administered as a college admissions test only in 1926. With Harvard’s use of the SAT to assess scholarship applicants, other colleges followed suit, and by the 1940s, it has developed to be the standardized measurement of academic potential for all college applicants in the country. Today, the SAT is required for most universities and colleges that offer four-year undergraduate programs in the United States. It has no standard prerequisites and can also be taken outside the US.

The SAT is a paper-based test that determines an applicant’s literacy and writing skills, both of which are essential for academic success in universities and colleges. It is offered seven times annually worldwide and is written in English. It is comprised of three sub-categories: Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. These three sections are further divided into sub-sections, for an overall scoring scale of 1600, with 800 each for mathematics and reading; testing the applicant’s projected proficiency in subject areas that they are expected to encounter in university.

Applicants can opt to take private tuition for SAT or to avail of SAT prep courses. Each comes with their own strengths, but private tutors for SAT are proven to be more flexible in offering personalized lessons according to a student’s progress requirement in order to pass. There are key points that only a private SAT tutor can scrutinize in an applicant’s performance, a feat that is harder to accomplish in SAT prep courses due to the number of students taking the same class. Private tuition for SAT is able to focus more on the applicant’s weaknesses in topics being tested instead of simply undergoing a general revision of all topics covered, which is not the case for prep courses. If your child has difficulty solving complex equations, a capable private tuition will put more emphasis on his/her mastery of the topic, apart from covering all the topics necessary for the exam. Expert SAT private tutors update the review regimen according to the student’s needs and with primary consideration to changes made from the most recent SAT examination.

Students with SAT private tuition often out-perform those with SAT prep courses in Singapore; as the undivided attention provided by a private tutor with prior SAT experience comes with superior dedication to helping the applicant get the highest scores possible.


The Graduate Management Admission Test was established in 1953 and is owned by the Graduate Management Admission Council. With more than 2,300 universities under its belt, the GMAT is used as a standardized criterion of selection globally, encompassing 114 countries.

The GMAT is a computer-based examination taken by senior undergraduate college students who are interested in taking their graduate studies in business. Passing the examination is a requirement to qualify for graduate management programs offered by most business schools all over the US and internationally. Held in more than 600 test centers globally multiple times a year, it is used to assess the writing skill, reasoning, quantitative, and verbal aptitude of applicants. The examination is a prediction of the graduate student’s probable academic performance in their chosen business schools. Applicants have to register at in order to schedule their examination. You will also have to check admissions deadlines for their desired graduate business programs to consider the best time for taking the examination.

Performing well in the GMAT exam showcases your ability to succeed in a business school classroom setting. Therefore, it is imperative to get the highest marks possible by creating a structured study plan, reviewing the relevant materials, and knowing what to expect on your test day. Students may also find GMAT tuition necessary to properly prepare them for the examination. Private tuition for GMAT allows you to have one-on-one mentoring from previous GMAT takers who are experts in studying the right way.


The Graduate Record Examination is a computer and paper-based standardized test updated and developed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The GRE can be taken multiple times a year, in more than 160 countries in over 1,000 test centers. Much like GMAT, the GRE is offered in English as well and is used to gain admission into master’s programs and business degree programs in various institutions around the world.

The GRE is comprised of standardized test in three areas: analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. Prospective applicants pursuing an MBA, a specialized degree in business or a doctoral degree from all around the world can take the GRE General Test. Your GRE scores may be used by admissions panels as the supplement for your undergraduate result or in absence of recommendation letters and other qualifications that you may need for graduate-level study.

A personal private tuition will be able to help you identify your strong points and outline your weaknesses in the different testing areas and help you formulate a suitable time allocation for the different testing categories. Our expert private tutors will also train you with the correct question formats to give you an extra edge, helping you condition your body and mind in preparation for the actual exam.

The GMAT and GRE each have a verbal section notorious for pulling down the exam scores of applicants. Let an experienced private tutor help you practice and correct your mistakes, and you’ll eventually be able to build the confidence to deliver impactful and precise statements to ace your exam.