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Secondary School is a crucial time for students. It is where your children concentrate the majority of their teenage years, where they develop and acuminate much of their character and core values. Fostering camaraderie, honing attitude, and finding your own passion and life goals, all while still enjoying the facets of youth, is something any adult can relate to. It is also in secondary school where they take on the nationwide GCE ‘O’ Level examinations, inarguably one of the most important exams of their lives that would shape their path for further education and careers.

Almost two decades after the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) collaboration with Cambridge in 2009, the O Levels in Singapore has been getting more challenging year after year, demanding more from its pool of students. O Levels is one of the most challenging exams they would have to face, for they are tasked to manage eight or up to nine at once. E-Math, one of the notably difficult subjects due to its sharp bell curve, a grade percentage of 90% is required in order to acquire an A1. While students from elite schools may be able to handle this kind of pressure and stay on top of their studies, this is simply not the case for most students. After all, the rate of learning for each individual is not the same. Fortunately, there are options available to aid your children in adapting to high-paced learning.

Private secondary school tuition has always been the more popular and effective choice, even more so than primary or JC tuition. Acquiring a private secondary tutor is more effective than sending your child to a tuition center for secondary students for a number of reasons:

Firstly, secondary students are capable of self-study, and may only need individual guidance in specific areas rather than full course teaching from tuition centers. Majority of secondary school students enlist in private secondary school tuition because individual attention and guidance is a more efficient way of learning, and that is something only a private tutor can provide. Secondary students require private tutors who can maximize their learning potential and hone their exam-taking skills. Therefore, one-on-one private home tuition for secondary is more effective.

Secondly, the pace of learning is more high-paced in secondary school. In order to manage 8 to 9 subjects in O levels, a time-effective method of learning is crucial. A private home tutor can optimize your child’s learning while focusing on areas they experience difficulty with. There has been a surge in demand for one-on-one secondary school tuition for upper secondary tuition nearing the O levels, as private tutors are able to optimize and streamline your child’s learning with their expertise in order to help your child internalize concepts. A secondary tutor will challenge your child and provide them with fresh perspectives that they can utilize in developing their critical thinking skills to aid them in reaping lifelong skills.

Most Affordable Secondary Tuition Rates in Singapore

Tutor Level / ExperiencePart-Time TutorsFull-Time TutorEx/Current MOE Tutors
Secondary 1$25-35$35-45$65-70
Secondary 2$25-35$35-45$65-70
Secondary 3/4NA$25-35$40-50$65-75
Secondary 4/5NA$30-40$45-50$70-80

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