PSLE Tuition

Primary School Leaving Examination is one of the biggest hurdles in the educational life of a child. The examination is taken at the end of the 6 years of primary school education. This is one of the most crucial exams in a student’s life because of the fact that it is going to determine which secondary school does a student enter. There are requirements that have been laid down by the secondary education providing schools, thus, the students have to set their goals if they really wish to enter good secondary education schools.

This examination has to be taken by all the students so that they can take a decision with regard to the stream they wish to get in.

In 2017, the students were baffled for there were some questions in the examination, that they appeared for, which were too difficult to be attempted. Thus, the concern of the parents with regard to their children is growing enormously, too.

It is becoming increasingly evident that children are in need of assistance. Firstly, it is a national level examination. Given the competition that the students are going to face, the amount of stress that is levied on them is immense, too. They may even succumb to the stress and might even stop thinking straight because of the stressful situation. Thus, they could make use of assistance in the form of PSLE tuitions. Subsequently, the growing difficulty level of the examination is not only shocking but also takes a toll on the students. Thus, assistance can be sought in terms of tuitions.

The most preferred, according to the parents, are PSLE tuitions at home. The primary reason behind this is the amount of time that the students get to save as they are not required to travel to and from their tuition centres. They can use this time in a productive manner, instead. Another reason is that the child will be catered with one-to-one assistance and they will lead to better clarity of their doubts.

TutorBee – a home tuition agency – is going to help you find the best tutors in the vicinity of Singapore. These tutors are going to teach your child tricks in order to do better in the upcoming exam as well the future. This leads to a reduction in the stress of the students.

Tutor Level / ExperiencePart-Time TutorFull-Time TutorEx/Current MOE Tutors
Primary 4$25-30$35-45$55-65
Primary 5$25-30$40-45$55-70
Primary 6$25-35$40-50$60-70

We have the most affordable rates and also make sure that your child is helped with whatever they lack. Home tutors are going to teach all the subjects that your child needs assistance with be it Science, Math or any other subject so concerned.