Finding a specialist in special needs tuition in Singapore can be a real struggle. Because of the peculiarities of teaching special needs kids and adults, many conventional every day tutors are unable to adequately support them.

But all that stops here and now. TutorBee provides the best and most affordable tuition services for special needs kids and adults in Singapore. Our team of tutors comprises of specialists who are experienced in tutoring kids and adults with dyslexia, ADHD, dyspraxia and other learning difficulties.

In addition, because of their unique qualifications, they are able to teach at different levels from pre-school, primary, secondary and special needs adults. Our tutors are experienced with all types of special needs: ADHD tutoring, dyslexia tutoring, dyspraxia tutoring, Asperger, autism etc.

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Special Needs Definition

Wondering whether investing in a private lesson for your child is a smart move? Let’s help you decide by providing a little information.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, special needs (in the context of children at school) refers to particular educational requirements resulting from learning difficulties, physical disability, or emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Many a time, special needs people do not find it easy to integrate into the larger society. Oftentimes, they are unable to learn effectively in regular formal classrooms and therefore need further assistance to catch up with their peers in school. This has made tuition for special needs essential to improving the lives of persons with disabilities.

As earlier stated, there are different types of special needs including ADHD, Dyslexia, Aspergers, Autism, Dyspraxia etc. Each with sometimes dissimilar manifestations.

For instance, if a child has Dyslexia, he/she will have difficulties in learning to speak, spelling, reading, memorizing number facts, doing math calculations etc. Whereas, a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) might not respond to his name, make eye contact, smile at caregivers, or wave goodbye without being told to.

Depending on the type of need, experienced special needs tutors are trained to help kids and adults master their challenges and learn better.

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Is Special Needs Tuition Right for Your Kid?

Special needs tuition is unlike your conventional tuition or private lessons. Special needs tutors are trained to identify the strength, weaknesses and learning styles or patterns of special needs pupils/students. With this knowledge, they craft a tailored programme that suits the specific needs of your kid, teen and/or adult.

For instance, if after the initial assessment, our tutor discovers that your child learns better and faster through seeing or reading (visual learner), the tutor will tailor the lessons and activities to involve more visual exercises so that your kid can learn faster and also have fun while doing that.

We also adopt this same strategy and more so with special needs adults. For us, what matters is helping special needs kids and adults live a happier and more fulfilling life, and we always go the extra mile to achieve this.

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Types of Special Needs Tuition We Cater For

Our qualified tutors have hands-on experience catering to all types of special needsincluding:

  • ADHD
    • Dyslexia
    • Aspergers
    • Autism
    • Dyspraxia
    • Hearing
    • Sight
    • SPLD

In addition to ensuring that ALL our special needs educators are qualified, we work with the authorities to conduct rigorous background checks on all our tutors and also thoroughly vet applications for people who want to work with children and vulnerable people.

In addition, we do a one-on-one interview with every tutor and also obtain their references so they can provide us with a valuable insight in to the way the tutor works with children. Hence, your child is safe with us!

Special Needs Tuition Rates in Singapore

Level / Tutor Experience Part-Time Tutor Full-Time Tutor School Teachers
Age 0-9 $25-30 $40-45 $50-60
Age 10-14 $30-35 $40-50 $55-70
Age 15-16 $30-40 $45-50 $65-80
Age 17 and above $50-60 $60-80 $90-120

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