Diploma & University Tuition

Tertiary studies are what people term as higher learning institutes, when students are basically on their own to manage their studies. Gone are the days where teachers and schools would spoon-feed and guide you. For instance, if you are a student at the National University of Singapore and have opted for an integrated programme of BBA + Economics then you might have to face your share of days at school where you miss classes, do not take notes and do not understand what is going on in lectures. In fact, it is experienced by most students because of the changed pedagogy wherein the teachers expect you to be well-read at this stage of your academic journey.

Given the long hours that you already have to invest at University, it becomes very hectic to juggle between university and self-study. This is where a person can make use of University tuitions because they need a certain amount of motivation so that they can combat all the stress that they are going to have to deal with and also they can get some help from their home tutors as to how to go about handling the whole thing.

How can a University tuition allow a person to do better, altogether?

  1. The student can reap benefits of the tricks that are provided by the home tutor so that they can learn faster and can save their time. This is going to lead an increase in the confidence of the students.
  2. Given that the confidence levels of the students are going to increase, it – naturally – means that the students are going to have faith in themselves and lead themselves on a path of success.
  3. Well, if the preceding point is true, then, it obviously means that the student has scored a high amount of marks and has, also, taken away knowledge from what has been taught to them by their private tutors.
Level / Tutor ExperienceGraduate TutorMaster Degree Above
Diploma Module$55-70$70-100
University Module$60-70$80-120

Thus, in order to breeze through the university examinations and kick-start your career by securing good grades, opting for home tuition is a practical and logical move. To ensure that you get an expert tutor, you can make use of the home tuition agency – TutorBee – which provides home tuition to all university students. The tutees are allotted a home tutor who has exponential knowledge of the syllabus of the concerned university or is alumni of the same University. This will help the students to reap benefits of thorough assistance and all this is going to be made available at affordable prices so that it does not take a toll on your pockets.