IB Tuition

The curriculum being taught to internatonal students who have been enrolled at the IB is altogether different from what the Ministry of Education has inculcated in its traditional route of education which is based on Cambridge International Examinations. Several well-known schools in Singapore who carry out the IB curriculum are UWCSEA, Tanglin Trust, SJI (international), ACSi, Hwa Chong International, School of the Arts, and Canadian International School. The course is comprehensive and extensive and leads to an all-round development of the child when they are involved in such a unique course. The parents of children who study this curriculum are usually taken aback because they cannot find any home tuition which pertains to this course because they want to make sure that the private tutors are well versed with the syllabus else they are afraid their children would be taught well.

The unique curriculum of the International Baccalaureate, on one hand, develops the children but on the other hand, it requires a lot of effort to be put in by the children in order to succeed. The programme is offered for students who are aged 3 to 19 years. In Singapore, the IB programme is available in a lot of schools. The IB programme is inclusive of PYP, MYP as well as DP. The IB examinations require your child to be a hard worker as well as a smart worker and for this, you would want your child to be taught in a private IB tuition.

This course is made up of a lot of practical work so that the student is acquainted with the world they are going to in the future. For instance, if you are Science student you will be made to perform experiments and examine them thoroughly as to what new can you derive out of the same experiment which is being conducted by a lot of other people, as well. The home tutor and your child can brainstorm about the same in order to come up with something better in this regard.

Theory of Knowledge is yet another subject that is taught while you are at IBDP because the curriculum demands of you to strengthen your claim and make sure that whatever you state or claim has a factual basis. However, the course means no harm to the mental health of the child – it just requires extra attention. The attention will be paid by a home tutor specialized in IB tuition better than elsewhere.

As a parent, if you are afraid that you are unable to pay the required amount of attention to your child when it comes to studying, then do not worry for we are here to attend to your child with home tutors willing to provide IB tuitions. We, at TutorBee, assure that these IB tutors have sufficient knowledge about the syllabus in order for your child be taught well. Also, the prices at which our home tuition agency offers home tuitions for IB tuition are affordable and the service we deliver is effective.