IGCSE Tuition

IGCSE is a part of the realm of education inculcated in Singapore and is a programme offered by the Cambridge International Examination. The programme is spanned for two years and begins to be implemented when a person qualifies to become a part of Grade 9 and the cumulative exam is conducted when a person becomes a part of the 10th Grade. Some of the more popular schools providing IGCSE curriculum are UWCSEA, SJI International, American International School, SOTA and HCI

The IGCSE examination allows a person to develop holistically and choose subjects from various streams which include Humanities, Science, Mathematics and so forth. A student can make a choice to opt for either Core or Extended levels of the subject. While the core subject allows a student to study the basics of a particular subject, the extended level does what the name suggests.

IGCSE examinations are just as challenging as any other examination that you choose to appear for and requires a lot of hard work and determination wherein the assignments would go hand-in-hand. However, a perk of being a part of the IGCSE programme is that the course is altered in accordance with the dynamics of the world and, thus, may benefit you in the long term. There are a number of schools in Singapore who offer the IGCSE curriculum and a lot of students enrol in this course. However, as time passes they realize that this curriculum requires them to put in a lot of effort. Thus, they take to seeking help from private tutors for IGCSE tuitions.

IGCSE tuitions with a home tutor are going to fetch you better results than a tuition centre because it is at tuition centres that a lot of students are going to enrol. The attention of the teacher will get divided amongst the many students who will be taught and, thus, it leads to the same school-like situation. Also, the students at IGCSE cannot afford to waste time travelling from one place to another. Thus, a home tutor is usually what they seek.

Level / Tutor ExperienceIGCSE Grade 7IGCSE Grade 8IGCSE Grade 9IGCSE Grade 10/11
Part-Time Tutor$30-40$35-45$40-45$45-50
Full-Time Tutor$40-50$45-55$50-60$55-65
School Teachers$80-90$80-90$85-95$85-95

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