IP Tuition

Integrated Programme, or commonly known as IP, allows a child – in the 4th or the 5th year of secondary school – to skip the O level examinations and directly sit for the A level examinations.

The task of finding IP tuition is a tedious one as good IP tutors are not easily available. A person who can take the IP examination is already qualified as a student whose performance is commendable. If a student is taught well enough under a good IP tuition, they can make through the IP examinations with flying colours and achieve progress to Junior College (JC) section where they will take their A levels. The Integrated Programme saves their time which could be put to good use in places wherein they can improve the skills that they possess. Apart from this, they can explore the realm of interests that they are acquainted or not acquainted with. Thus, giving them an edge in the competition they are already a part of.

IP tuition has become more common, because of the fact that their content and subject is at a much higher level compared to the O/N level streams. One thing that must be kept in mind is that different IP schools set differing exam standards with the top IP schools setting papers close to that of JC standards and topics.

It must be understood that a child should rely upon home tuitions because that is going to allow the students to avail one-to-one assistance during this crucial phase of their life. Apart from this, they would not want to waste time because this precious time is going to decide what path the students take after their JC studies.

Tutor Level / ExperiencePart-Time TutorsFull-Time TutorEx/Current MOE Tutors
IP Year 1$30-40$40-50$70-80
IP Year 2$30-40$45-50$75-80
IP Year 3$30-45$45-55$75-85
IP Year 4$35-45$50-55$80-90

The home tutors for the IP tuition at TutorBee are always prepared no matter which school you hail from and, thus, are well-versed with the syllabus. With respect to the IP tuition, we make sure that the quality is adhered to because it is going to help the students save a year as well as it is going to be beneficial in shaping their entire career – thus – what we offer is of the top-most quality. Thus, we are going to make sure that the student gets a constant input of knowledge at all times of the day and the home tutors that we have hired make sure of this. For this, we have part-time as well as full-time workers. So, you can get your children enrolled for IP tuition as per your convenience.