Primary Tuition

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This is the first formal step of a student’s education journey, and as parents, we want to give them a good start! These are the first few years of formal education and the foundation of a student in the 4 main subjects (English, Math, Science and Mother Tongue) are key to doing well in their PSLE. Given that the competition that exists in the field of education is increasing by the minute and it demands a lot of rigour to be put in for an upward trend in their career paths. Up to the age of 6, the children of Singapore are sent to pre-school to be prepared to be sent to the primary schools, thereafter.

For the first 2 years of their primary education, three subjects, namely English, Math and Mother Tongue will be assessed, followed by Science additionally once they reach Primary 3. It will only increase in intensity and topical depth once they reach P5 and 6 which is very much geared to the PSLE. To drive home the point, the dynamics of education at Singapore challenging but this no way suggests that they are going to take a toll on your child or they will not be able to meet these challenges. The most important thing about education is that the fundamentals if the fundamentals are done right – then – your child shall always remain on the right track. Honestly, it is the fundamentals that are going to decide whether the education of the child would be exciting or burdensome.

Since we have already spoken of how the education system at Singapore is, we understand the fact that a child will be burdened by the amount of work that is going to be assigned to them at school. The schedules are tight and it gets tough for them to manage to revise what they have studied at school after they come back home tired. This will lead to harming them on a psychological level and, thus, primary school tuition is recommended to be inculcated in a child’s day-to-day.

In tandem with primary school tuition, the tuition must be a home tuition. Why?

  1. Given the age of the student, it would not be easy to convince your child to go to a school-like environment again. They would want to relax as much as you would want to after a long day.
  2. The age factor is yet another impediment. There is a need for us to discipline them as a whole. If they become a part of a tuition centre, they will be busy with the jibber-jabber with other children and not get to learn a lot about it.
Tutor Experience / LevelPart-Time TutorsFull-Time TutorEx/Current MOE Tutors
Primary 1$20-25$30-35$50-60
Primary 2$20-30$30-40$50-60
Primary 3$20-30$30-40$50-60
Primary 4$25-30$35-45$55-65
Primary 5$25-30$40-45$55-70
Primary 6$25-35$40-50$60-70

Thus, we – at TutorBee – make a sincere effort to instill discipline as well as knowledge within the tutee. Also, we are a home tuition agency which is going to cater to you with best of home tutors that we have so that your child begins to grow knowledgeable from a young age itself. We charge affordable rates and make sure that the effort we put in is efficient and helps your child in whatever they need assistance with.