Secondary Tuition

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Right after the PSLE, you graduate to secondary school and that is when your children begin to consider themselves to become independent and lead their decisions on the basis of what they like. However, parents must bring them back on the right track because if the students begin to give in to this important phase of their life – they will have to suffer for the rest of their lives.  An overhaul of the child’s character is expected in the secondary school as they are about to hit puberty. Not only is secondary school important but it also decides on how well you are going to do in your career. What follows after the secondary school is the “O” level examination.

The Ministry of Education has tied up with Cambridge to create the curriculum for our secondary schools, and we have understood the fact that it is becoming all the more difficult for the students to score well at the O/N levels over the years. Thus, as a matter of fact, it is recommended for students to take tuitions in order to cope.

A secondary school student should engage in private tuition than at a tuition centre – there are a few reasons which are going to re-evaluate your thought process with regard to home tuition, altogether.

  1. A student who is in secondary school is in need of individual attention as well as guidance which a skilled private tutor is capable of providing. The secondary school students need this because of the fact that they need to grasp the important exam skills.
  2. The private tutor is going to allow the children to manage time well because the future demands of them to do so. Private Secondary school tuitions are going to allow your child’s learning potential to increase, exponentially.
  3. Since your child’s learning potential is in a phase of growth, they can be taught how to handle challenging tasks with respect to different approaches which could be made use of, thus, it will help them develop critical thinking skills. Thus, a holistic development when it comes to the field of education.
Tutor Level / ExperiencePart-Time TutorsFull-Time TutorEx/Current MOE Tutors
Secondary 1$25-35$35-45$65-70
Secondary 2$25-35$35-45$65-70
Secondary 3/4NA$25-35$40-50$65-75
Secondary 4/5NA$30-40$45-50$70-80

If you are looking for home tuition so that your child can benefit from one to one assistance by professional home tutors, you have made the right stop. TutorBee is going to assist your child in all the ways that are possible and make sure that we manage to work on their weaknesses as well. We, in no way, sacrifice the quality of education that is going to be conferred to your child and charge the most effective fees in accordance with it.